Wednesday, 28 July 2010

And So You Really Dislike Comic Sans MS?!


Aledys Ver said...

Lol!! Very funny!!! Amazing how they managed to match what he was actually saying with their own script. I saw the same done in Spanish, Argentinean, when Argentina was to play Germany (and lose) in the WC. They even changed the German words to match some jargon terms. I'll try to find it and send it to you :D
You made me laugh with this!!! :D

Aledys Ver said...

Here it is - maybe you can have your Arg. colleagues to translate it for you :D

aggieLap said...

Thanks for the link, Aledys! I started to have a look and it looks really funny! I'll watch it again tonight at home. Interesting that people use that video for different situations :)

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