Tuesday, 20 April 2010

what's on | book night Amsterdam 23 April 2010

The 2nd edition of Amsterdamse Boekennacht (Amsterdam Book Night) will take place on Friday 23rd April 2010 in various book stores in central Amsterdam. The event starts at 19:00 until 22:00-23:00 (before the late after-party) and is free of charge. The programme listing the participating book stores, such as Waterstone, the ABC, Selexyz and a few others including the Boekenmarkt on Spui, is available (in Dutch) on the Boekennacht website.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

what's on | 29th National Museum Weekend on 10th-11th April

Why not enjoy a weekend visiting a selection of museums at a huge reduced price or even free of charge on 10th-11th April 2010 anywhere in the Netherlands where over 500 museums are taking part in the 29th edition of the National Museum Weekend  (Nationaal Museumweekend) . Special tours and other activities will also take place during this event.
You can find out which museums are participating by entering the name of a town (plaatsnaam) or a museum (naam museum) in the relevant field on: museumweekend.nl and you will be informed of the opening time of the museum, the address, if the entrance is free and what sort of activity is organised.
Let yourself be tempted and enjoy!

Monday, 5 April 2010

photo of the day | quiet times