Tuesday, 16 February 2010

hilarious foreign language attempt | Italio-Germano "mussen alleine Spiel gewinnen, (I repeat) mussen alleine Spiel gewinnen!!"

The Game Did Not Go Well!

In the following video: Giovanni Trapattoni (football coach for Bayern Munich) is not only giving a go at the German language despite his mistakes and re-make of the language but at that moment he was not a very happy man, and being Italian he certainly is a very passionate one. No matter what language he uses, I'm sure the message is clear: he is bloody pissed off!!  The game did not go well and he is certainly not pleased with a few players.  [NB: Even if you do not know German you will notice the repetitive words 'spiel' and 'spieler' (player), which makes sense since it is in the context of the football game but you will manage to follow somehow as it gets more and more intense.]

[Thanks to Bjørn I was able to share this one with you! Cheers, mate, for the link!]


Aledys Ver said...

Lol!! I love this!!! As he goes, you can see him getting really worked up! I'd like to see a talk with the players in the changing room after they've played - it must be quite a show. And he uses his hands a lot too ;)

Aledys Ver said...

"A trainer is not an idiot" Lol!!

aggieLap said...

I watched the video soooooo many times this morning and I couldn't stop crying (really) of laughter. I thought it was a joke at first because the guy gets so worked up...unbelievable!! :))

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