Tuesday, 26 January 2010

movie review | AVATAR

Last weekend I went to see the so-talked-about-billion-dollar-award-nominated movie: AVATAR.  These Hollywood blockbusters are usually not my cup of tea but my other half convinced me to go and...BOY was I in for a surprise! 

Already familiar with 3-Dimensional motion pictures (also known as 3D), I can  definitely tell you it makes more sense to watch Avatar in 3D than in 2D in order to be totally drawn into this spectacular and beautiful planet called Pandora.  The creatures of that world are quite unique and intriguing, for they are blue and super tall and even have their own language. They are called the Na'vi.  [Wow!! Sounds already so much like a far away world.] Once your eyes adjust to their unusual features you may eventually find them beautiful, especially since the movie is so colourful with a fairy-tale like set, you quickly let yourself sucked into their 'jungle' (not to say too much).  The special effects, which actually make most of the movie, are indeed fantastic; not only because a friend of mine worked on this movie but because the amount of work and money involved are really worth the talk. 
The story is suitable for both the young...and the not so young.  However, there is a bit of a déjà-vu feeling of good guy/bad guy scenario. A hero originally sent to learn from an indigenous tribe and relocate them so the humans could take over their land, is later faced with the dilemma of turning against his own kind in order to save the  that tribe. And to make the matter even less original he is confronted with his old tough old bastard of a boss who always knows best and has to be the last one standing for a while until...he no longer has the last word, hehe! :0) Then again that's usually the way it works in this type of Christmas box office movie, which although aimed at the general public mainly targets the gullible kids and fans. So I can understand that for the length of the show. Even if everything else seems impeccable, there is no doubt there is a lack of originality to the story.

Having said that, it is still worth seeing at least for the sake of 161 minutes of phenomenal special effects making this brand new world so appealing with its characters and animals.  Just arrive on time to grab your 3D glasses, which by the way fit easily on top of regular spectacles (if you wear some) before the start of the movie and enjoy the show.
James Cameron has once again done well for himself and for the fantasy-world/scifi fans out there by adding one more hit to his already strong list of box office little wonders such as Alien, Terminator, Titanic and this time beating the previous budget record held by Titanic.  

Movie:      AVATAR  
Type:       Action/adventure
Director:  James Cameron
Main cast: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, Zoe Saldana, Giovanni Ribisi, Stephen Lang, Peter Dillon, Joel Moore, Laz Alonso

AVATAR 3D (I know I just can't stop reminding people what the movie is, haha!) can been seen at the Pathé Imax in Pathé Arena, Amsterdam and Pathé Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam as well as in the main (non-Imax) Pathé cinemas across the country (in my case: the Netherlands):                       Pathé Arena


Aledys Ver said...

Great review, Aggie. I was sure I didn't want to see this film - but now I don't know! Even if it is just for the special effects and all the noise it's making... The beings remind me of those in (I think) "The Never Ending Story".
Thanks for sharing this!

aggieLap said...

Thanks, Aledys. I hope I didn't put you off with my bit of sarcasm but you may end up liking it if you see it some day. It's also a matter of taste. When I went, I was a bit in awe with the magnificence of that fake world but once I was out it all faded away after a couple of hours. Some people also clapped at the end of the movie, which I guess it's a way to give credit to all the work put in it. At least, B. was happy :)

Aledys Ver said...

I hear you :o) I feel indeed curious and now at least, I know what to expect. And M. might actually like it too ;)

Orangesplaash said...

We saw this movie two weeks back in Rotterdam Imax..and it was worth the watch. I specially liked the jungle creatures - the tiny lovely umbrella like insects, the horses etc. Definitely worth watching atleast once, just to get a feel of the real 3D stuff !! Though the end was a little bit too dragged..

aggieLap said...

Indeed, the creatures are quite special and some like this umbrella insect is really cute and looks like fun to watch or play with :)
Thanks also for your input, Arwa :)

Breigh said...

I saw it at Pathe De Kuip in 3D and I really loved it! I got that the story was quite Fern Gully-ish but I didn't mind because the visuals were so spectacular. I want to see it in IMAX 3D before it leaves but not sure I'm going to get there.

aggieLap said...

If you see it at the IMAX 3D, please let me know how it is in comparison to the other 3D cinemas! :)

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