Friday, 29 January 2010

blog award day

To my amazement, today, I was rewarded a blog award: the 'Beautiful Blogger Award'.  Many thanks to Isabella and Tiffany for the thought.         

The rules of this award are to:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Paste the award on your blog.
  • Link the person who nominated you for the award.
  • Share 7 things you find to be beautiful around you.
  • Nominate 7 bloggers  (if possible) or less. 
This is how it goes for me |  7 things I find beautiful [in general] are:

1. The woods in all shapes and forms. They are very diversed and can be found all across Europe and even in the Netherlands.

2. Wildlife: I enjoy birdwatching and same goes for observing the wildlife in national parks.
3. Fluffy creatures are beautiful: cats, dogs, foxes etc. but these days I'm pretty much into cats. I'm lucky to have a neighbourhood cat adopting my home as her own.      
4. I find architecture beautiful. Plenty to see of old and new buildings in the Netherlands and elsewhere [1st photo: Amsterdam Zuidas | 2nd photo: the City of Lodon by St. Paul's].

5. Autumn is a beautiful season...

6. And so is winter...

7. A beautiful ray of light is sometimes the best thing to see first thing in the morning.


A Touch of Dutch said...

I love how you've combined Europe with the Netherlands here & the Netherlands is like a playground for your camera! Your photography is remarkable! I love the photo of the couple walking their dog :-) Thanks for doing this & I wish you a great weekend!

aggieLap said...

Thanks, Isabella. I also found that expressing myself through my photos was a smoother way to do it :) Enjoy your weekend as well!

Tiffany Jarman Jansen said...

Great photos! I agree - very beautiful, all of them. Love the London street shot and I too am a fan of the couple in the woods with the dog!

aggieLap said...

Thanks, Tiffany, indeed that couple with the dog in the woods have had its success on Flickr. It's nice to see people appreciate it :)

Breigh said...

How did I not know about this blog before now! I so so love your photos! Glad I found it finally.

See you tonight at the meeting if you are there! :)

aggieLap said...

Thanks, Tammy! My blog is only new-ish....I don't think many people know about it.
Yeah, I'll be there tonight! Will see you there! :)

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