Tuesday, 6 October 2009

earthwave 2009 | global surfing and sustainable lifestyle festival

We have Earth Day, Earthdance, Earth Hour, Live Earth and also Earthwave.
According to wavescapeEarthwave is a global environmental initiative started 3 years ago that promotes sustainable lifestyle choices by harnessing the huge interest surrounding local surfing communities attempting to set a new Guinness World Record (GWR).  

On 3rd & 4th October, Earthwave 2009 took place in Muizenberg, South Africa, and other beaches worldwide (Antos, Brazil; Mar del Plata, Argentina and Tahiti), which aimed at breaking the previous GWR by having a high number of sufers riding the same wave simultaneously.  It was reported (source: Kahuna Promotions) that over 100 surfers attended the event and exceeded the last record of 100 held in Brazil in 2008.

The next Earthwave will take place in Argentina.  Look out for the wave...and those surfers!  


Aledys Ver said...

Oh? The next Earthwave in Argentina? I will probably be there next year around this time (october) so I'll try to remember this!
Great idea!

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