Tuesday, 20 October 2009

bluewalks | walk across the globe by planning & sharing city tours

I just came across this rather interesting concept of sharing your walks on a website called bluewalk, where people apparently can plan and share their walking routes in different places in the world.

Created by a Spanish student based in Stockholm at the end of 2008, the philosophy is based on sharing one's experiences and adventures, through travelling, with people from different walk of life.

Whether you are travelling or even where you currently reside, you are welcome to sign up on the bluewalk website and either find a walk in the city of your choice that would be of interest to you and others or create your own, then finally share it online.

Also check out their blog for further information and to see what a featured walk is all about. Not only interesting  for tourists but also to do as a little adventure. The way I see it, it looks like fun! Why not give it a try?


Aledys Ver said...

This is very interesting! Let's plan our next walk ;o)
Thanks for sharing this, Aggie!

A g g i e Lap said...

Yeah, Aledys, I thought of you as well when I found this 'bluewalks' info! We should definitely make it a habbit and plan another walk :)

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