Tuesday, 29 September 2009

change of season

I like CHANGE. In this case, I like the change of season. A new season is a good thing, isn't it? Time to clean, start fresh, re-invent whatever we think should be changed. Some will dread the start of the cold, the constant cloudy days, the ever so frequent rainy days, the leaves changing colours, the days getting shorter or the wind getting chillier...but I'd rather embrace it. I now found that time has taught me how to overcome the downside of it as we approach the end of the year. I have noticed that I tend to e n j o y music and photography more at these times and manage to keep some kind of positive mind through the dark days.  There IS something about autumn, mellowy, but something even more special about winter. Well, it's just flipping cold you would tell me but it does give a sense of  C A L M. Right, as you tend to automatically hibernate and your energy level automatically adjusts to that time of the year. Outdoor activities are no longer so much on your agenda, but more indoor scenarios are welcome such as hot cocoa/coffee/tea and a book/tv programme by the fire place or heater.  Well, let's see how the next few months will turn out this year. Looking forward to it! Aren't you? :)